About Producer Martin Bannon Beaudet

Author Marty Beaudet A writer first and foremost, Marty Beaudet is the author of the political thriller, By A Thread, a tale of truth, trust, and betrayal, where U.S. politics and Mormon prophecy intersect in a struggle to commandeer the Presidency of the United States. His novella Losing Addison is a psychological thriller that arose from a nightmare.

His third book,  released on August 1, 2012 under the pen name Martin Bannon, is a comedic crime caper that takes place in the Oregon Cascades. Hapless census worker Nick Prince must deal with a band of polygamists that stand between him and his lost, then found, true love.

The adaptation of Senseless Confidential, now in preproduction, will be the first feature film by FauxMeme Productions, LLC, which Marty established last spring, along with partner Chuck Kisselburg.

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Marty has lived in Damascus, Oregon since 1998. Professionally, he has been a reviews editor for Publish magazine, as well as an associate features editor for the now defunct PC/Computing magazine, a Ziff Davis publication; prior to that he worked at ZD Labs. Since 1998 he has been a freelance communications consultant, novelist, screenwriter, and producer. In January 2014 he returns to the stage—which he last visited in his college years—in the lead role of “Tom Stone” in Nancy McDonald’s production of Gregory Neil Forbes’s “The Haunting of Childhood,” presented at the Lakewood Center for the Arts as part of the Fertile Ground festival.