A Film Worth Doing Right

On the set of Senseless Confidential

Good filmmaking takes time

By now you may have heard through the grapevine, in an email from me, or on Facebook, that we have made the difficult decision to delay the shoot of Senseless Confidential until summer of 2015. There are a number of reasons for this, largely involving scheduling difficulties and the need for summer weather, but I came across a post from fellow indie author Russell Blake today that summarizes our situation very nicely.

In his post, Russell is addressing the many myths perpetrated online regarding indie publishing. Most are common to indie film producing as well, if not to any self-promoted endeavor. Here is Myth #5 on his list:

The best you can do should suffice.”

Russell’s response: Mmm, not so much. This is a popular refrain from those destined for obscurity. In a highly competitive business, you need every possible edge. Which means, in this one, your cover, your blurb, your concept, your writing, your formatting, [your trailer, your film] and your marketing need to be top shelf, not as good as you can manage given all your issues. Nobody cares about why you can’t produce a product that’s great. Your job is to produce it. Cheap out or try to do it yourself (unless you’re one in a million…)  and you just radically worsened your odds. Why would anyone buy something sub-par? Would you buy a sub-par car, or house, or phone, or anything, because the company producing it found it too hard or expensive to do it right? No. And neither will [your audience]. At least not for long.

I know many of you are disappointed by the delay in our filming schedule. But take Russell’s words to heart and consider the alternative. You’ll come to understand, as I did, that it’s for the best. A film worth making is a film worth taking one’s time with.

Thanks for your continued understanding and support.