The book that demanded a film

While you’re waiting for the film, currently in development, here’s a sampling of comments from readers of the book that spawned it. If you care to check it out yourself, visit your local bookseller or your favorite online source, or visit the book’s page on Goodreads and choose from among the options there (under Get A Copy).

Total Entertainment! ★★★★★

by a reader
from Florida
on July 20, 2012

Senseless is a laugh-out-loud comedy, with a generous sprinkling of mystery and suspense. But it’s also a sort of adult coming-of-age story, filled with insightful tidbits as Nick finds his way in life. This combination works perfectly to create a truly unique plot and a captivating read.

I am a sucker for compelling characters and Senseless is filled with them. No one here is perfect or predictable. I was hooked from the opening sentence.

Thumbs Up! ★★★★★

by a reader
on September 22, 2012

Great read. Interesting characters, plot and adventure in the northwest. Who thought being a census taker could be such an adventurous job. Everyone in my book group enjoyed this book, which is not often the case.


Senseless Confidential ★★★★☆

by a reader
on September 20, 2012

I have to admit that I didn’t like Nick at first. And I didn’t have much sympathy for his situation. But I enjoyed the absurdity and kept reading. I am glad I did. The characters grew on me and I found myself very engaged with their individual idiosyncrasies. Then I couldn’t put the book down and thoroughly enjoyed the unexpected paths that these characters were taking.
I highly recommend this book and am convinced that there are characters just like these in real life!!!


A Bona Fide U.S. Census Field Representative’s Seal of Approval! Bravo! ★★★★★

by a reader
from Oregon City, OR USA
on September 10, 2012

I was unable to put down this off-the-wall and thoroughly entertaining comic gem — partly because This Is Also My Life because I, too, work as a Field Representative for the U.S. Census Bureau. Martin Bannon’s Nick Prince has traveled the same routes as I have– literally, and I’m always meeting uber-interesting people whose names and PII (Personal Identifying Information) I will be carrying to my grave. I, too, live and die by Title 13. I highly recommend this Carl Hiaasen-ish romp through the wilds of rural Clackamas County, Oregon. Please don’t shoot us.


Senseless Confidential: A great Summer read! ★★★★★

by a reader
from Skagit County, WA
on August 19, 2012

Just finished Senseless Confidential — the book on the top of my pile for vacation reading. Couldn’t put it down — what great fun! Bannon knows how to spin a most engaging story, with characters that come quickly to life, but keep you guessing as to their histories and motives. A book clearly rooted in the author’s own experiences of so many different things — working for the government, Mormonism, the Cascades wilderness. Loved the way so many different themes were woven together with the skill of a great storyteller.


A thoroughly entertaining story ★★★★★

by a reader
from Long Beach, California, USA
on August 02, 2012

Bannon’s work here often reminded me of one of my favorite authors, Armistead Maupin. A diverse group of relatable characters and some well-placed plot twists kept me turning pages eagerly. Mr. Bannon knows what he’s doing. He has written something that takes the banality of the US Census and turns it into a beautifully harmonious collection of seemingly unrelated elements. I really cared about these characters!