Watch the Senseless book trailer!

Fuckhead_grabClick the image to watch the book trailer!

The video trailer for Portland author Martin Bannon’s comedic novel, Senseless Confidential, was shot by director Andrew Michael Bray on location in the Oregon Cascades. (A higher resolution trailer for the upcoming feature film adaptation will be released in early 2017.)

The book trailer features Portland actors Brian Allard (who voices over 25 characters for the audiobook), Sara Fay, Bruce Handley, and Pheebe the Pitbull, as it lays out the plight of Census worker Nick Prince.

The audiobook is available at St. Johns Booksellers in Portland, Oregon, in both CD ($24.99) and downloadable mp3 ($14.99) formats. Print editions are also available at St. Johns ($14.99 list).

All three editions are also available from Dinkus Books for the same prices. (For the CD boxed set and print editions, a shipping fee of $2.50 will be added to US orders.)

You will find the mp3 audiobook at Amazon for $17.49 (plus applicable taxes); you may also download the mp3 edition from Amazon’s subsidiary Audible (list US$19.95, though the actual cost may be lower depending on the type of Audible membership you have.)

The ebook edition is available at Smashwords for $3.99 in ALL digital formats.

Both print (US$13.49) and Kindle (US$3.99) editions are available from Amazon.